Same Day Eyeglasses


We have over 5,000 single vision lenses in stock.  We do not stock bifocals but we can make you two pair of glasses if you are in a pinch.  We also do eyeglass repairs if you just damaged your frame.

We have the following ranges in stock in A/R Coated lenses. 

  • +6 to -6 sphere from zero to minus 4 cylinder.
  • -6 to -12 sphere from zero to minus 2 cylinder.

If your prescription is written with plus cylinder or you aren't sure how to read it you can call our store.  

In the event that we don't stock your lenses we can usually get your single vision prescription the next day.  Bifocal lenses are processed at a local laboratory, so those generally take about a week.

We recommend you text a picture to our office phone number since that makes it a little simpler. Then call the office and press option 4 to speak to an optician who will verify we have your lens powers in stock and put your lenses on hold.

Our Weco E6 system which allows us to mill and step bevel a lens to fit just about any frame. We have 1,800 frames in stock if you lost your frame so we have you covered there as well.

There is $25 charge for same day service.  You can use your insurance in most cases.  (We may  have to call for a special insurance authorization)


Lost and Damaged May Be Covered